“We’re going to shine a light on how power and power networks really work in this country.”
Paul Barry
The Power Index – Who really runs Australia

The Power Index is a publication from the Private Media stable
that includes Crikey, SmartCompany, Property Observer, 
LeadingCompany and Women's Agenda.

With Walkley Award-winning journalist Paul Barry on board, 
alongside a team of investigative journalists, The Power Index
will unveil the secrets, the motivations and the ambitions behind
Australia’s most powerful individuals.

We’ll find out who really runs this country and determine the key networks that ultimately control politics, money, media, law and culture.

We've already compiled lists of people in a range of fields including political fixers, spin doctors, lobbyists, law enforcers, media moguls, thinkers and rulers of sport. Upcoming lists on our radar include food, religion, journalists and carbon kings.

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